What is a Da Vinci Robotic System ?

Human abilities can only take one so far. When the constraints leave a situation with a need for higher performance, a tool is made to take one’s place to ensure success. This has been seen in the past, and is still actively evolving the abilities of people to this day. Medical sciences are one of these platforms for human innovation, where technology is used to create outcomes beyond that of any doctor’s ability. Da Vinci Robotic Systems were designed to do just that, integrating more accuracy in surgery to make the process cleaner and more effective.

Alexis DominguezThe system was originally created by Intuitive Surgical, manufacturing the first robotic system in the international medical field that uses a three-dimensional magnification screen for the surgeon’s view, instead of the traditional assistants of endoscopes. Along with the increased vision by doctors, the Da Vinci system also prevented the chance of infection significantly by reducing the amount of contact the machine has on interior flesh. Certain surgeries were difficult perform without major side effects, but are now possible due to this system’s design.

The versatility of this machine has enabled doctors and surgeons from all fields to benefit from it. Alexis Dominguez, a Board Certified OB/GYN Physician, is specialized in minimally invasive surgery, and has been a regular user of the Da Vinci Robotic System in many of his surgeries. Due to the high risk of infection involving surgeries near the prostate glands and bladders, the system serves as the perfect counter, decreasing the risk of additional side effects tremendously.