The Benefits of Scholarly Publications

Your profession is not just about working. The entire world is depending on you to make that change, the transformation that will turn poverty into comfort and droughts into rain. But how does one person make such a big difference? It is easy to become intimidated by the size of Earth’s population and the amount of knowledge already collected by the masses. However, though much is known, there is always room to improve, and the first step is to begin doing research for your first publication.

Alexis DominguezA scholarly publication may seem like a simple paper, but it is far more than that. Publications are seeds of information, a chip in the rock that leads your field one step closer to gold. Publications bring collaboration within the professional community, engaging like-minded individuals to solve the challenging problems that their industry faces. The teamwork and innovation brings this seed into the world, where other professionals can compound upon it, eventually turning it into something never seen before.

Scholarly publications do more than improve your field, but they also improve your career too! Not every professional has the privilege to say that they are part of a publication, and being one of those in the minority grants much prestige within your industry! This is especially true for universal fields, like medicine. Alexis Dominguez, an OB/GYN from Miami, created a publication in his field that helped jumpstart his career. An educated professional that is searching for more is held to a higher level than those simply working to work. Become the next mind in the mix, and submit a publication that could change your career.