The Training and Education of Alexis Dominguez

Alexis Dominguez is one highly trained physician. Throughout his academic career, he put in lots of time to learn about all the appropriate medical condition of the body that fit in with his specialty of obstetrics and gynecology. He received his training at a multitude of schools domestically and abroad to ensure his ability to perform medical tasks at a high level.

Alexis DominguezAt the Universidad de Ciencias Medicas in San Jose, Costa Rica, Alexis Dominguez received medical training. It was the University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital that Alexis Dominguez completed his residency program in the Obstetrics and Gynecology department. A strong student in his academic years, Dominguez was focused on his goal all throughout his years of studying and training. While in undergraduate school at Florida International University, Alexis Dominguez earned his Exercise and Sports Science degree. He would partner with the school’s athletic department to provide the athletes of the Division I school in baseball, basketball, and soccer with rehabilitation services and physical therapy.

Alexis Dominguez also received training abroad in the Netherlands. Continuing his studies in physical therapy, Dominguez took the time to be trained at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. It was here that he took advantage of the opportunity presented to him to provide rehabilitation services for professional teams and Olympic national teams. Alexis Dominguez also offered rehabilitation services to those who were members of the National Ballet. Because of all his training in physical therapy, Alexis Dominguez was able to take a job as the Staff Physical Therapist at Florida Occupational Healthcare in Miami.